MGF: A Look at this Peptide

MGF: A Look at this Peptide

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Mechano Growth Factor is a product still in scientific development stages. It is a peptide expressed from the liver of animals used as test subjects. Known as MGF, this peptide is associate with Insulin Growth Factor, or IGF, but is still terminally different. The peptide slows the final process of cell differenation so that particular cell is no longer functional. Mechano Growth Factor also provides enhancement of the myoblast proliferation, or enhanced creation of the muscular tissues in the body. Although testing only on animals has been conducted, it shows various responses to stimuli.

Are There Benefits of Mechano Growth Factor?

Mechano Growth Factor has resulted in many theoretical benefits of using the product. These are theoretical benefits since the peptide has only been tested on animals. However, after studying the effects on animals, scientist feel confident that the product can produce significant results for humans. The theoretical benefits of the peptide include:

–    Cellular secretion provides enhancement to skeletal and muscular growth

–    Enhanced building and repair process for tissues and muscles

–    Improved bone density

–    Improved injury recovery time

–    Enhanced injury recovery

Studies also find that Mechano Growth Factor can also stabilize different functions occurring within the body. This includes cardiac arrest associated with heart attack, stroke, lack of oxygen caused by infections, and angina pectoris.

Are There Negative Side Effects?

Mechano Growth Factor also has theoretical side effects and symptoms of use that have been determined based upon reactions to the animal test subjects. The negative consequences of use of the product include:


–    Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels

–    Decrease in blood pressure

–    Cardiovascular irregularities

The potential side effects are rare and unlikely to occur, while the benefit of the product is likely to occur, according to the theoretical study. And so, research suggest that sometime in the near future, this may be a peptide that is available for use. Again, more study and research needs to be underdone concerning the peptide to determine the negative aspects of use, and it might still be some time before we see the product ready to use by humans.

Why Research Mechano Growth Factor?

Peptides are found and researched, and Mechano Growth Factor is no different. Researchers spend time with this peptide because of the potential benefits that it could bring to humans, particularly to those who are in the bodybuilding world or who work out on a regular basis. The more research conducted, the better the chance the product can be used outside of the laboratory and make it into the hands of the people whom it could most benefit.

It is important to remember that this product is still in scientific research process and has been tested on animals it is not safe to use by humans because the functionality, proper dosing, and side effects in humans have yet to be established. The peptide is used inside of a research facility and is not approved for use outside of such a facility.